All SF/Fantasy series in alphabetical order

This page gives you an overview of all the SF/Fantasy book series on the site in alphabetical order.

Before I started this blog, I knew that a lot of SF/Fantasy books were part of a series – or a trilogy. The last two years I read a higher number of SF/Fantasy books than usual. In 2015 82 books – 52 of those were part of a series or trilogy. In 2016 83 books – 59 of those were part of a series or trilogy. That amounts to 63% and 71%. It was not planned that way – I just read the books, I wanted to read. I knew series were attractive, but looking at the figures, I was a little shocked.

Obviously I like reading series to a much larger degree, than I thought. Here are some of the reasons series are popular – for readers, authors and publishers.

When readers find a world or a character they like, they do not want to let go – they want more, more, more. Publishers realise this, and want the authors to create series. A lot of authors are not averse to this, as it is hard work to create new complicated worlds and characters for each new book. And for an author to have nearly unlimited space can also be very addictive.

Most of all: A good series is money in the bank for both authors and publishers. It is also a lot easier for an author to get name recognition with a popular series under their belt.

However much I like series, they do present some pitfalls – especially for the emerging author.

It is important for an author not to get stuck in the same rut. For a debuting author it is very important not to be put in a box starting out with a series. If the publishers will let them, they should try very hard to make their second novel as different from their first as possible. In my opinion that will serve the author well in the long run. And the reader will benefit, if the author gets a long run.

I have – and have read – a lot of series. To make a post for every book in all these series would take up more time than I have. It would also require me to re-read a lot of books. So that is not going to happen.

When I read a new instalment in a series, I shall try to make a post. Not having made a post, does not mean, that I haven’t read a particular book in a series (nor that I did not like it) – I just haven’t had the time to make a post. If I have made a post – even just for one book in a series – I shall also post a series overview. This overview should include the titles of all the novels in the series in question in chronological order if possible. If there are shorter works in the series, they  will normally not be covered.

It is hard to write about a series without having spoilers. I shall try to avoid spoilers – even though that means less specific information in both series overviews and posts of single books in a series.