The Indranan War & The Farian War- K.B. Wagers

Cover artist: There Before the Chaos and Down Among the Dead – Stephan Martiniere

Cover artist

Hail Bristol is a gunrunner. Having made a name for herself she is both feared and respected. But what she really is turns out to be the heir to the Indranan Empire.

After nearly being killed by assassins at the very beginning of the first book, she is dragged back to the Empire. As it turns out, she is the only living heir. Will she have to change from gunrunner to Empress? Will she want to? Does everyone want her to become their Empress? Will they try to kill her?

The Indranan War is action filled Space Opera of the old kind. The books are page turners and hard to put down. Book four continues right after book three, but is also the first book in The Farian War, which Hail now faces after the end of The Indranan War.

The characters are interesting and you root for Hail and her companions and want them to keep on living through more books.

The Indranan War

  1. Behind the Throne
  2. After the Crown
  3. Beyond the Empire

The Farian War (This series starts directly after “Beyond the Empire”)

  1. There Before the Chaos
  2. Down Among the Dead
  3. Out past the Stars