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Welcome to my website.

This site will be about the things I like:

Science Fiction and Fantasy books

Movies and TV-series on DVD and Blu ray

I have large collections in the above categories. Reading books and watching movies and TV-series take up most of my time.

My intentions are to publish a post on this site, when I have read a book that I like or watched a movie/TV series that I like. I shall only write about things that I like. Why?

Life is too short to waste time on things that you do not like – at least when the subjects are books of fiction or movies/TV series also of fictional character.

I am not trying to sell you anything, so I am not obligated to tell you, if I find a book or movie/TV series not worth reading or watching. I shall just ignore it. However, if you do not find a post about your favourite that does not mean, that I do not like it – maybe I have just not gotten around to it yet. There is a lot of stuff out there.

If I like something, however – well, then I want to share it with you, because liking something is a good feeling, and good feelings should be shared.

Why should you read this site then?

Finding out that other people like the same things you do, gives you a good feeling. If you like some of the same things I like, maybe you will want to try some of the things on this site that you do not know. And if you do not like the same things I like – then you know you should probably avoid the stuff I have written about 🙂

And finally – I just like to write about this stuff. Hopefully you will enjoy reading about it.


All text on this site is ©Uffe Stegmann

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My intentions:

To begin with do not expect a huge amount of stuff on this website – but hopefully in time there shall be many posts about the things I like.

I will only post new stuff, when I feel like it. I do not intend to let this site take up too much of my time – time I could have spent reading or watching things.

Posting some classics in my fields of interest is also something, that I want to do – again when I feel like it and have the time.


Important to remember

As mentioned above I have a large book collection. I read as many books as I can (and still have room for other things in my life), but my TBR (To Be Read) stack keeps growing.

It has not stopped me from buying more books, but it has made me feel a bit sad and quite frustrated, that I keep falling behind. After finding this on the web, I felt at whole lot better:

(July 2, 2022 @LoreKeating)

That quote is lovely – keep it in mind, when you get new books – many, many new books!