Terra Ignota – Ada Palmer

All covers by Victor Mosquera

Cover artist

The Terra Ignota universe is the brainchild of history Professor, Ada Palmer. “Too like the Lightning” is her first novel – and it is amazing.

We are in the 25th century. We are on Earth – but an earth, where society is vastly different from today.

If you commit a crime, you are not put in prison, but are required to walk the world and be as helpful to all, as you possibly can. Mycroft Canner committed a crime – and he is forced to tell us all about it in the Terra Ignota books.

The questions raised in the first book are mostly answered in the second.

We are told of an earth, that is close to a human Utopia. A society that is built upon history and old philosophers. We are told of this in a fascinating way incorporating what SF is really about – sense of wonder and what if….

So far this series is superior SF and should be read by any SF fan.

Terra Ignota

  1. Too Like the Lightning
  2. Seven Surrenders
  3. The Will to Battle