Seven Surrenders – Ada Palmer

Victor Mosquera

Cover artist

The wait is over, and I have read “Seven Surrenders”, which left me totally flabbergasted.

If “Too like the Lightning” was full of questions – “Seven Surrenders” was full of answers. So even, when it turns out, there is a third book (“The Will to Battle”) coming out in December, you have not been left hanging.

We get a lot of answers about, why Mycroft Canner acted as he did, what he did and also what the seven leaders of the great hives did – and why. This is where I think the book is on the verge of giving us so much information, that it slows things down a bit too much.

But, that is a minor complaint. When one ghastly thing has just been revealed, the next one pops up, and the next one, and…..

Your head is in a whirl, as you try to keep track of the whats and whys. Your reading speed is kind of slow so as not to miss anything – but you cannot help to be amazed of the amount of information you are offered, and the way the author keeps it all together.

The story is glued together with references to history and old philosophers. Unfortunately I am sure, that I miss a lot of these references, as I don’t know all that much about either history or philosophers. I know names and such, but alas, not alway what they stand for.

However, don’t let that keep you from reading. You can miss a lot of references and still feel the fascination of this book and the universe the author has put together.

The “Terra Ignota” universe of these books is, what SF is all about. Most of all these books tell you about a Utopia, that humankind wants – but are they ready for it?

I, for one, know which book I am going to read come December.