Contact me and comments page

Should you need to contact me, you can use this page. If you want to make comments to any of the posts, you should also use this page.

I welcome comments – positive and negative.


  • I do not welcome hateful comments
  • I do not welcome hateful rants of any kind
  • I do not welcome obscene comments
  • I do not welcome spam
  • I do not welcome ads of any kind
  • I do not welcome……. (probably some things that I have not thought of yet)

This means that I will not be publishing these kind of comments, and I reserve the right not to publish a comment without giving any reason.

Comments, where neither your name nor your email-address are included, will not be published. Your name will be published – your email-address will only be published if you specifically request it to be.

I shall not check for new comments every day.



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