The Expanse – Season One

Bringing good Space Opera to the screen – a very positive surprise.

James S.A. Corey has so far written six books in The Expanse series with more to come (press tag below to read about the book series). Now Syfy brings the series to the small screen.

Season One follows the books very well. It tells most of the story by showing you instead of having people telling you, what you are seeing. Of course that is the cinematic way, but can be a bit difficult to follow in the beginning, because there is so much information to process. But if you hang in there, you shall be well rewarded. It is a much better way to do things than having talking heads explain to you, what is happening.

200 years in the future Earth and Mars are the two big players of the solar system. Each wants to dominate and each have huge space navies. In the middle we have the individuals of the asteroid belt that mine the belt for metals, water and whatever they can sell to the two big ones. Powerful organisations being what they are, they squeeze the belters by lowering the pay for their products and rising the cost of the spare parts that the belters need. Telling you more would include spoilers, so this is all you get.

Just like the books this is Space Opera on a huge canvas, and season one looks fantastic. Deservedly it was very well received and season two starts screening in February 2017.

This kind of treatment is what I want to see, when we are talking good Space Opera. I hope it stays on target, gets lots of viewers and keeps on going as long as the books.

P.S. The cover of the blu-ray (see above) is beautiful.