The Commitments

Alan Parker’s great film from 1991 is now out on Blu ray. The restauration for the Blu ray is fantastic – especially the sound quality of the music stands out.

The movie focuses on some young people in Dublin trying to start a band playing soul music from the sixties.

For the leads Parker was looking for singers, who could really sing – and if they could also act a little bit, that was fine.

The result is a gorgeous film filled with really soulful music. If you can sit still and not tap your feet, there is probably something wrong with your ears.

It was a surprise for me to see, that Maria Doyle Kennedy started out as a singer, and then became an actor (Orphan Black is a good example of her acting powers). She has a beautiful and powerful singing voice.

The main lead Andrew Strong has a great voice for soul music. But the whole ensemble and the music is what this is about.